KTA Trail Challenge

The 8th Annual Susquehanna Super Hike and Ultra Trail Run

will henceforth be the NEW AND IMPROVED

KTA Trail Challenge!


When: September 10, 2016


The 50k course will cover the same ground as 2015 - Thanks to Lancaster County Conservancy for negotiating the opening of the Conestoga Trail through Holtwood!

The 25k will begin at Susquehannock State Park, join the 50k course on River Road before crossing the Susquehanna River on the Norman Wood Bridge.

This year, everyone who reaches the finish line earns a beautiful, carved wooden medallion


Thinking about the food? KTA is thrilled to announce that Legends Catering will be taking care of our Finish Line Picnic.


Register Here by check or money order


Sign Up online through Pretzel City Sports (nominal service fee applies)


The KTA Trail Challenge is an event for adventurous trail runners and hikers on the wild river hills of the lower Susquehanna Gorge.


This daunting trail challenge event on the Mason Dixon and Conestoga Trails alternates breathtaking vistas with steep descents into dark, scenic hollows followed by strenuous climbs to the next vista. Prepare yourself for the steep hills, rocky terrain and deep ravines of the KTA Trail Challenge, an arduous, undulating and demanding course.

Although the KTA Trail Challenge is a supremely challenging timed event, the challenge is not to "win" or "come in first," but to complete the hike in 12 hours or less. For many participants, the KTA Trail Challenge is the ultimate test of physical fitness and mental toughness. "Winning" is the personal satisfaction that comes with finishing the course in the allotted time.

Just a few of the highlights of the 2016 course include Wind Cave, House Rock Vista, Tucquan Creek, the Pinnacle Overlook, Kelly's Run, crossing the Susquehanna River on the Norman Wood Bridge, historic Lock 12, and Oakland Run. Participants of the longer course enjoyed the scenic Urey Overlook and Otter Creek.
THANKS: Three trail clubs are responsible for building and maintaining the Mason Dixon and Conestoga Trails and have been hard at work preparing the route for this event: the York Hiking Club, the Lancaster Hiking Club, and the Mason Dixon Trail System. Without their efforts, the KTA Trail Challenge would not be possible!
VOLUNTEERS: Volunteers ARE NEEDED for the KTA Trail Challenge. Many volunteer opportunities are available including registration (Saturday morning), parking, trail sweeps, and more. Approximately 120 volunteers are needed. REGISTER TO HELP!
Here are some of the kind words we heard from participants last year:
“The race was a blast, and so so so well supported.”
“The volunteers were awesome for braving the heavy rains and thunder! The runners and hikers couldn't have done this wonderful trail event without them!”
“Great volunteers! I appreciate the boy scouts volunteering ! Maybe next year girl scouts could volunteer too! Thank you for all you did so I could realize my strength and enjoy the outdoors.”
“Thanks KTA and volunteers! I definitely couldn't have done it without your cheering, help filling my water, and encouragement! You all rock!”
“I just want to thank those volunteers that duked it out in that weather. Hikers are crazy. We sign up for the challenge and are expected to brave the elements. But these kind souls did it out of the goodness of their hearts. Standing in that rain with umbrellas to make sure we crossed Hwy 372 safely, hanging under the tents to be sure we were fed at each stop, greeting us with a smile, congratulating us when we arrived at each checkpoint and encouraging us to continue. Most of this in torrential downpours. I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you! Your time, your smiles and your selflessness is greatly appreciated!”
“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I so enjoyed the volunteers.”
“So, to all the volunteers at the 2015 Super/Ultra hike, thank you for your dedicated time and effort. It was truly outstanding and very much appreciated by this beat-up old hiker. Salute!!”
“The volunteers were awesome. I thanked as many as I could along the way.”
“I had a wonderful time letting the hike kick my butt. The support I received from each rest break area was more than I expected”
“the volunteers who stood in the pouring down rain and helped us in many ways were outstanding.”


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